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Wing Tsun Central Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art which teaches you to systematically evade any attack, by learning never to fight force against force it is designed to allow a weaker practitioner to overcome a larger and stronger opponent. As a soft-style martial art you learn to allow your body to be moved mechanically by your opponent's force which enables you to effectively move and evade an attack without having to know when or where it is aimed. The system is ideal for modern self-defence situations. In fact WT is so effective it is taught to special police units all over the world (including FBI, GSG9 in Germany, and RAID in France). In addition to the large classes which are open to all members, a limited number of smaller more intensive classes (usually of up to 8 people) run throughout the week. There are also private one-on-one lessons available for those who wish to learn most quickly.
WT will work for you regardless of size, strength, gender or athleticism. All martial arts were not created equal. Interested?


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