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Wing Tsun Grading System

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Wing Tsun Grading System

Our modern training program takes the student on a systematic journey towards mastering the Wing Tsun system. "Student Grades" are used to track the student's progress. Unlike a colored belt or ranking system, the Student Grades are not badges of status nor standards of measurement between students. They exist only to ensure that each student learns all that he/she should in a scientifically optimal order. There is no competitiveness in the Wing Tsun class or in the training progam. A student's only goal is to better him/herself.

The WT Grading System

Students advance through the grades by testing at seminars given periodically by high-level instructors. A dedicated student who consistently trains well and attends all local seminars should advance one Student Grade approximately every three months or faster up until SG5. After that, advancement becomes progressively slower, as the higher Student Grade programs contain greater amounts of more advanced material.

Each Technician Grade requires years of training to achieve. The same applies doubly to the Practician Grades. The Grandmaster levels are awarded on the basis of one's contributions to the advancement of WT and deep philosophical understanding of martial arts in general.