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The Practician grades (Master grades)
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Wing Tsun Grading System

The grading system in Leung Ting WingTsun


The Practician grades (Master grades)

The third class comprises the 5th to 8th Master grades. These WingTsun experts are referred to as Practicians. They are "Masters of WingTsun" in every sense and can exhibit considerable striking power, speed and automatic reactions which are not controlled by the brain as a result of decades of Chi-Sao training. The higher the grade of a Practician, the greater his skill and knowledge. At this level a Master not only knows the theories of WingTsun, but also those of the other styles. Comparisons with other styles give him a better understanding and mastery of his own style.


5th Practician grade in WingTsun

Entry level for Master grading
Complete Wooden Dummy form with all Chi-Sao, Chi-Gerk sections and applications


6th Practician grade in WingTsun

Long pole


7th Practician grade in WingTsun

Double knives


8th Practician grade in WingTsun

Double knives against long pole