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Wing Tsun Grading System

The Leung Ting system is one of the very few self defence systems that prepare you for every phase of a fight.

On the basis of various distance involved, we can hypothetically divide a fight into phases.


1st phase: Fighting with the feet


To allow you to bridge the distance to your opponent while maintaining your protection, you should reach you adversary by means of a straight-ahead foot technique (to be regarded as an extended step).

Or you can parry your opponent's low to medium height kick with an (extended) semicircular step (=forward step).


2nd phase: Fighting with the hands


Your hands go forward along the centre line while your leg advances, in both cases according to the motto: “If the way is clear, go forward”.

If you encounter serious resistance, this gives rise to your passive defensive reactions such as Bong, Tan, Jam, Pak, Kao-Sao. As soon as the way is clear you go forward again.

Chain-Punches and fast footwork are particularly appropriate during confrontations with stylists who have no “elbow power”.


3rd phase: Fighting with elbows and knees


The simplest knee and elbow attacks or defences can be regarded as the initial moves of foot or hand attacks which are already under way. They occur actively as a result of your opponent’s close proximity, or passively as a result of your opponent’s block or attack, thus following the principle “if the way is clear go forward”.


4th phase: Fighting with holds, locks, restraints, chokes, throws and counter-throws


Phases 4 and 5 are part of an additional advanced programme which is not taught at the primary level. These last two phases are of minor relevance for normal self-defence, whereas they gain in importance for e.g. police officers, who frequently need to restrain and subdue and individual without inflicting injury.

During his final grading, the advanced WT student must demonstrate the ability to use only “soft” techniques to subdue an attacker who lashes out wildly with his hands and feet i.e. without using blows, punches or kicks. These are specialised skills and techniques which cannot be expected from the average practitioner.


5th phase: Groundfighting


The 5th and last phase is part of an additional advanced training programme which teaches pure WT-specific falling concepts and WT Groundfighting principles.

Our Groundfighting techniques superficially resemble those of other martial arts such as wrestling, Judo, Sambo or Chi-Na.

Holds and locks are however by no means an end in themselves in WT, but merely serve to gain control over the adversary and release one’s own arm or leg for punches and kicks.  


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