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The Technician grades
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Wing Tsun Grading System

The grading system in Leung Ting WingTsun


The Technician Grades

The second class comprises the 1st to 4th Technician grades. By definition a Technician has learned the techniques in his programme and is able to use them in combat. At this stage he is however not expected to be able to use them instinctively at all times.

After passing an additional "Trainer 1" examination a 1st Technician grade is qualified as an Assistant Teacher. The "qualified teacher grades" begin with the 2nd Technician grade and involve additional examinations for Trainer 2, Trainer 3 and Trainer 4.


1st Technician grade in WingTsun

1st-4th section Chi-Sao with applications, psychology of ritualised combat


2nd Technician grade in WingTsun

5th-7th section Chi-Sao with applications, 3rd form
A 2nd Technician who has undergone additional educational training is entitled to the rank of "teacher".


3rd Technician grade in WingTsun

All Chi-Sao sections for the 3rd form, 1st-3rd Wooden Dummy sets


4th Technician grade in WingTsun

1st-6th section Wooden Dummy with corresponding Chi-Sao and applications